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Kelly Bowen

Dear Weleetkans,

I'm excited about the new 2013-2014 school year.  We have a great staff of teachers and support personnel and of course wonderful students.  I've been around these students  while they toddled into pre-kindergarten and watched as they marched into their high school graduation ceremony.  So I can say with confidence, we have wonderful students.

This is my twenty first year at Weleetka Schools.  That's a long time to work at one place but I have enjoyed the ride.  Over the years I have gotten to go to work and at the same time, be with my own kids.  I have gotten to watch them grow up into young adults along with their friends and classmates.  That is a blessing I have never taken for granted.

While watching all of our children grow and develop into young adults, I am left with a positive outlook on our future.  Many of my students over the 20 years have gone on to find good jobs, build a home for their kids and be a part of this great community.

I have no doubt our little part of the world will prosper.  Our corner of Oklahoma will be just fine with Weleetka Graduates in charge.

May God Bless You All

Kelly Bowen