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Lesson Plans

Week of February 10-14


Valentine's Party - Friday February 14 at 2:30.




Reading- Here's My Dollar

Test - Wednesday

Vocabulary Words

1. community

2.  tour

3.  deserve

4. thrilled

5.  interviewed

6.  slogan

7.  volunteers

8.  grownups





Spelling Test - Tuesday and Wednesday

1.  sale

2.  sail

3.  beet

4.  beat

5.  rode

6.  rowed 

7.  its

8.  it's

9.  road

10.  your

11.  you're

12.  there

13.  they're

14.  peace

15. piece

16. city

17.  gems

18.  space

19.  seen

20.  scene


Language Arts - Helping Verbs Past Tense using had and have

Math -constantly reviewing addition, subtraction, multiplication.  Symmetry, Congruence, Radius, and Diameter

Test - Friday


Reading with your child nightly helps them in every subject. It also helps them get AR points to get prizes. Incredible Pizza Trip in May for 50 points.

We are working very hard preparing for the test in April.  Please talk to your child regularly about the test so they won't be so nervous when it comes test time.  We are trying to make it an exciting event.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  3rd Grade Reading Test will be on April 10, 2014.  Please do not make any appointments on that day.  It is very important that your child is here!!!!!




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