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Course Description:

In this course, students will learn how to use each of these four Microsoft office 2001 programs:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher to create meaningful projects and perform business tasks.  Students will received extra practice using illustrated projects text to integrate the software programs and create real work situations.  We have also incorporated keyboarding into Computers I for the first 6-9 weeks.  Students will also complete the Financial Literacy Curriculum required by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.



Text:  Microsoft Office Basic Skills, Multimedia Pathway Units, which is a CEV Multimedia resource

Software:  Microsoft Office 2007, Internet Explorer, and Windows 7 Professional.  Applied Micro Type Pro Keyboarding Software

Handouts:  Additional handouts may be required.  The instructor will provide information on obtaining this material as needed.

Teaching Methods:

1. Lectures/Demonstrations:  Important material from the text and outside sources will be covered in class. 

2. Assignments:  a variety of projects, independent challenges, and visual workshops will be assigned throughout the course.  In addition, students will complete various extra projects.

3. Exams:  The exams will be open book and will require students to complete at least one project related to the applications they have learned.

4. Quizzes:  Quizzes may be given at any time and will count 100 points each.

Depending upon the competencies of students, "real work" can be done for teachers, administrators, class projects, school projects, and organizations such as school clubs.