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Pre K / Head Start Schedule

Mrs. Shropshire’s Class                                   

 Arrival Activities (This is an important part of your child’s day.  Please bring them to school between 8:00 & 8:15)

8:30                                                   Breakfast

9:10                                                   Opening (attendance, pledge, calendar)

9:15                                                   Large Group (Daily Lessons)

9:30                                                   Music and Movement

9:40                                                   Centers and Small Groups

10:40                                                 Clean Up

10:50                                                 Large Group

11:10                                                 Restroom/Hand Washing

11:30                                                 Outside Play

12:15                                                 Restroom/Wash Hands

12:30                                                 Lunch

1:10                                                   Writing

1:30                                                   Nap

2:30                                                                   Quiet Boxes

2:45                                                  Snack Time

3:15                                                  Prepare to go home         


This is a typical day for our classroom.  Please note that I am available to talk to you before school, during nap time and after school if you need to talk to me.  Please do not come right before we let out at 3:20 unless you have an appointment and need to pick up your child early.  2:45 to 3:20  can be a very hectic time.   My email is   I check it first thing in the morning, after school and try at naptime.